The Best Truck Bed Tent Models For The On-The-Go Camper

Best Truck Bed Tents

Let’s admit it–while camping is one of the most exciting and fulfilling outdoor hobbies to try, it’s also one of the most challenging and, dare we say, uncomfortable if you don’t have the right essentials to help you out on your trip. It takes practice to really know the basics of this hobby and experience to adjust to its rather sticky parts. Just like any activity, however, being prepared beforehand can save you from a lot of trouble. Truck bed tent

Take for example when you encounter camping situations that require you to immediately move sites. Packing and re-installing a tent takes a lot of effort and in times like this, you need a solution that can provide you with extra mobility.

Enter truck bed camping. From its name, this type of camping style involves installing a tent on your truck, instead of on the ground. Now you’re probably wondering though, “why would I want to be a truck tent camper if I can just go for normal camping?” Well, besides the extra mobility it provides, truck bed camping offers a few other comforts as well. For one, you don’t have to spend time looking for the perfect ground spot–sometimes the most friendly looking ones can still be uncomfortable on your back–and you can have the convenience of a power source by being in close proximity to your vehicle.

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Curious about trying out this style of camping? Here are the four best truck bed tent models that you should consider.

1. Rightline Gear 110766 5 Foot Mid Size Short Truck Tent for Tall Bed

When it comes to convenience, this truck tent model from Rightline has it all down pat. Building your tent can sometimes be time-consuming, and this camper solves that with its floorless design that allows for easy set up without having to remove gear from the bed. In terms of being user-friendly, this truck tent camper comes with color-coded poles and pole pockets that serve as a guide for when you’re building it. The tent also comes with a stuff sack (also with a sewn-in set-up guide!), and a rainfly. Truck Bed Camping

You’ll also never have to worry about feeling uncomfortable when using this as a truck tent. It can easily fit a 5-foot tall bed and has enough room to fit in two people. Durability-wise, it is made with water-resistant fabric to keep you dry during the wet and dry season and heavy duty nylon buckles and straps that won’t scratch and damage your truck’s finish. You also don’t need to worry about having not enough room to place your camping essentials with its two gear pockets and a lantern hanging hook. Glow-in-the-dark zipper pulls also add a nice touch for when you want to easily move inside and out of it at night.

Truck Bed Tent

Our favorite part about this truck bed tent? It’s skyview tent that gives better views, light, and ventilation during your trip! Perfect for when you just want to drive outside and sleep under the stars. You can get your own by following this link on amazon.



2. SportZ Truck Tent

If you prefer a truck tent camper that comes with a floor, then this would be the perfect choice for you. This model from SportZ has a sewn-in floor that adds extra cover between you and the actual floor of your truck, so you can easily install it without having to vacuum the area beforehand. Truck Tent Camper
One of the best things about this truck bed tent is that it provides a lot of moving room. It has 5.6 feet of headroom, a wide entrance door, and it also comes with a large rear access panel that lets you easily access your front cab if you want to use it as additional storage. You’ll also find its expandable carrying bag great for more storage room, too. Scared of feeling stuffy? The tent is designed with two mesh windows and side vents that give good ventilation inside. It even has a shade awning attached to the tailgate that can serve as extra roofing during hot days. Truck Bed Camping

When it comes to the set-up, this one can take a little bit more time to build than Rightline due to its design. However, it also comes with color-coded poles and a sleeve system that makes it easy to navigate. This truck bed camper also has a set of strap protectors with additional protection against the tent’s straps. You can read reviews of this model by heading to this link at



3. Guide Gear Full Size Truck Tent

Sleek and roomy. These are two things that perfectly describe this truck tent bed from Guide Gear. With 5.25 foot headroom, even those on the taller side can easily move inside it, even with their gear taking up space (do mind the headcount though!). Reviews of this model also sing praises about its durability and design. It is made with polyester and water-resistant coating which can keep you dry during rain as well as a full rainfly that can retain the heat inside during colder nights. Truck Bed Tent
Similar to the SportZ model, this truck tent bed also has a sewn-in floor and mesh windows for good ventilation. It has two storage pockets where you can easily stow away your gear and an additional polyester carrying bag that is also made with weather-resistant and heavy-duty material. Truck Tent Camper

Design-wise, it comes with shock-corded fiberglass poles and tension straps that you can easily fix into your truck. This model can easily fit most full-sized beds and pickups, from Chevy to Toyota, though you need to note that the way it pulls and fits may be different from truck to truck. You can know more about this model by visiting this link at amazon.



4. Kodiak Canvas Truck Bed Tent

If you’re looking for a multi-season truck bed tent, then this one from Kodiak might be just what you need. Made with 100 percent cotton duck canvas and hydra-shield, this truck bed camper is perfect for all seasons with its breathable and water-proof material that provides good ventilation and heat insulation. In fact, it might be one of the best truck bed tents you can purchase in the market today if ventilation is important for you because it comes with not two, but five windows, including a cab access one. Truck Bed Camping

With its tunnel-shaped design, you can expect a lot of moving space, especially with its tailgate which can even be expanded if you want extra space. Two gear pockets add extra storage room, too. It has a large D-shaped door for easy access and comes with very durable ¾-inch steel tube frames that can connect to your truck’s clamp-on rails for extra security.

This truck bed is best used on the Ford F Series, Nissan Titan, GMC Sierra, Dodge Ram, Toyota Tundra, and Chevy Silverado trucks. Get yours at

Truck Bed Tent



Truck bed camping might not be as popular as regular camping when it comes to enjoying the outdoors, but nobody can deny that it does have its perks. Compared to regular tents, however, you do need to consider more factors if you want to go about your trip using this. For example, the height and length of your truck tent is very important and should be considered in relation to the model of truck you have. Models are often made to fit regular truck models, but you do need to leave some room when it comes to expectations since not all will fit the same. Truck Tent Camper

You also have to think of the best tent size and type. Generally, those with domed walls and higher ceilings provide more headroom. However, their curved walls will scrimp a bit on floor space. If you’re bigger on floor space, then go for one with vestibules and awnings.

And since one of the conveniences of truck bed camping is more mobility anyways, you do need to think hard about the ease of installation AND unpacking of the model of your choice. It’s best to go for one with color-guided poles like some of the ones mentioned on this list. Support that can be easily clipped on the sides of your truck are also great. Straps are good, but do choose models with simple ones. The last thing you want is to struggle removing and untangling dozens of them when you suddenly need to pack up your tent and go. Truck Bed Camping

Don’t forget about storage, too. Truck tent beds can only mostly fit two people comfortably, so you need one with extra pockets where you can stow away some of your gear so they don’t take up floor space. Besides from pockets, some models’ rain flies can also be used as storage space for gear and other things that you don’t want to leave in close proximity to you like muddy boots and wet clothes. If your tent has a window giving you access to the front cabin where you can move some of your things, the better.

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