Is It Possible To Make Money From Home As A Stay Home Mum

We get asked all the time is there a legitimate and user friendly way for mums to earn a little bit of extra money  from home while still giving their kids the time and care they deserve ?

  So we wanted to find out if a normal savvy mum with no particulier computer skills could earn some extra money online .

Now if you think your going to make a fortune without really putting in any effort then our advice to you is to go and buy a lotto ticket .

But if you want to put a bit of effort in and work your own hours then this could be just what you’re looking for. Have you ever heard of online surveys and opinions ?

If you’re anything like me i didnt even know this sort of thing existed. 

Companies Value Your Opinions and They Will Pay You For It!

As mums! We know that our opinions matter in our homes. And most of us know about time management , budgeting , not to mention dispute resolution ( Pulling the kids apart)  we understand a little about a lot of things especially when caring for our families.

But did you also know that YOUR OPINIONS  matter to companies and they will PAY YOU for it?

They only ask simple questions, you provide them honest and smart answers and that’s it you’ll


You won’t make a fortune to start with but it might be a way to experience working online and learn a few tricks of the trade.

(everybody has to start from somewhere)

How does it work?

Your opinion is what matters here the most. You will be asked about your opinions on various subjects such as education, healthcare, consumer products, and lifestyle which businesses around the world would like to incorporate their products and services on.

So the goal of the surveys is to consolidate consumer reviews so that businesses around the world can improve their products and services and tailor them according to consumers’ needs.

Once you have completed an online survey, this will be collected and incorporated into other people’s surveys and will be further assessed and analyzed to form a trend.

Since the decision committee of each linked company will have access to these data, companies can now decide what new products or services have the opportunities to be profitable based on consumers’ needs as well as how to enhance the current products that these companies make for better public acceptance.

How Much Can You Earn?

Surveys come in short or long page surveys and you can earn points that could be converted to money ranging from 50 cents to $3. So the amount you will be earning per questionnaire will depend on its length and its complexities.

As of January 2019, OpinionWorld pays out $10 for every 1000 points gathered by a member and this is the minimum amount when you can cash out your earnings.

You will also be offered a lot of options for payouts such as PayPal, Amazon gift cards or wire transfer. E-certificates and PayPal can be released to your account in just a few hours while if you decide to use your money to buy physical products it could take up a week or two before you can receive your products.

Lengths of Surveys

Short surveys  can take you around 5 minutes to complete. But those that will earn you more will take about 10 to 20 minutes to finish. Depending on which country you live, surveys may come to you once a day to once a week.

Best surveys to join for free

These sites basically welcome anyone who lives in Australia to join especially moms .

But they have members from all different sectors of our society.

 We have found three of the best sites running for your valued opinions and you are free to join all of them. Just click each one below to join up

Start your online career from here